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  1. Back in the last millenium, when everyone was shooting EAA/P9/tanfoglio in 9x21 those things would bend and break slide stops all the time. It will also crack the frame through the slide stop hole area. Are you shooting hot ammo? EGW sells tool-steel slide stop pins.
  2. Seriously, though. If you look at SGammo.com they have a few 38 spl loads that claim to make the ICORE pf (120). S&B and PPU are two examples. Once you find a couple that look possible, maybe you can find them at your local ammo dealer. You may have to adjust your strain screw to set them off, but perfection may not be available. :^)
  3. Maybe you could find some "California loads" in .357...they might make ICORE powerfactor. :^) Of course that might be fun and we both know that's against the law in CA. :^)
  4. OK, heres another one I ran into a while back. The hammer strut (I'm almost certain it was a titanium one) had a short length where the cross section went from the rectangular shape to a round shape which rode in the mainspring cap. The transition had not been beveled, so the sharp "ledge" on the strut would hit the mainspring housing and stop the hammer. If yours is like that, you might bevel the strut at that transisiton and see if it helps. Attached a pic of one that is beveled.
  5. How about this...is the magazine being held higher in the gun (due to the new grip's mag release being slightly higher) and dragging on the bottom of the slide? When you put an empty mag in the gun and rack it, do you feel dragging? If so, you can do a little relieving on the mag catch or the bottom of the slide. That might help.
  6. There is a Brian Enos reloading DVD on Amazon (couldn't find it on this site, except for an old page). You might try that for your library. https://www.amazon.com/Competition-Reloading-Basics-Advanced-Magill/dp/B0002BBUL0/ref=sr_1_9?keywords=reloading+dvd&qid=1555380710&s=gateway&sr=8-9 Granted, it's an oldie, but it probably will cover what you need. My advise...always wear eye protection. :^)
  7. Here's a link to the basics: http://www.ncaa.org/playing-rules/rifle-rules-game I suggest you contact the organizers at the college she's planning on attending for info. Back in the olden days when I played that game the university supplied some acceptable rifles (although being lefty would cut down on the possibilities) until I got my personal rifle. They might also supply other necessary equipment. She might want to think about playing the pistol games, since a lefty handgun might not be as hard to find. Or she might just want to learn to shoot right-handed...that's what I did. I don't know what the current "hot-tip" rifle is, but mine was an Anschutz 1413 Super Match 54. Google that if you think a 10-22 could compete. :^)
  8. I want to be positive about this. I like the idea because my eyes and iron sights don't get along so well. But...I think the people that will shoot revos in USPSA are already doing it. Those are the rules we used to shoot with back in the day before USPSA decided revos weren't worth supporting. So it would be nice, but I can't see it increasing the numbers.
  9. A friend of a friend in NC picked up a 1917 Colt 45ACP. Here's a quote about his problem... "Forcing cone side. Cycling through the chambers you can see the gap get smaller then cylinder rubs forceing cone for probably 2 chambers, starts opening back up". Now, to me that sounds like the cylinder needs to be faced to square it up (all other things being to spec). That may be a big assumption with such an old revo. Seems like it must not have been fired much if the problem hasn't been fixed by now. Just needing a recommendation of a competent gunsmith in the area. Thanks.
  10. Back to the original question. I would direct you to the very first page of the USPSA rule book, under "Principles of USPSA Competitions." Principle #3 states: "Firearm types are not separated within their respective divisions, all compete together without handicap". I would say different start areas would indeed cause a handicap.
  11. Interesting problem. Did the ADs occur while the magazine was in the gun, or had you removed the mag in preparation to show clear? Just wondering if the disconnector finger of the sear spring was touching the mag and preventing full engagement of the disconnector. Also, how much pretravel was set in the new trigger? Are the new triggers free to travel in their "window" in the frame. Last, are you a lefty? That's bad luck anyway. :^)
  12. One-gun, did you go to the Mesquite match, too? I've been working on some UberMajor loads (212 PF) in 40S&W just for that spinner. :^) You're going to need some heavier bullets and some VV N105 to make a good jump with the Super.
  13. I'm just wondering if the bullet is pushing into the lands when chambered (which could create the overpressure). Has your buddy had his chamber reamed (throated) to allow for the longer loading? It used to be very typical to ream longer throats to reduce pressure in major loads. Have you checked to make sure your bullets don't touch the lands when chambered? Different shaped bullets require different OALs.
  14. pyrrhic3gun

    .32 Magnum

    Seems to me somebody was using a 32 seven-shot gun the year we had the IRC in Bakersfield, CA ('94 maybe). I think the shooter had a very long barrel on that one to make minor. I know "Slick Vic" used a nine-shot 32 for years (after he built the 8-shot Astra). I just shot my 10-shot 32 at the SouthWest Regional in Mesquite, NV in April. Doesn't take much to make minor with mine. I've been loading 142 grain hand-cast bullets. I wouldn't recommend trying it with an older gun...my cylinder is tool steel. I do see Ruger chambers their small LCR in 327 Federal magnum (a longer case than H&R magnum, I think). In that gun a 115 grain bullet is listed at 1300 fps, which makes 149.5 power factor, with a barrel a little over 3" long. So, one could load it down and still make minor with no problem. Why they don't make a 9-shot Redhawk in 327, I couldn't say. Seems like it would be an ICORE special, compared to the 5-shot revo they claim is for competition. :^)
  15. I was going to a match in Southwest Oklahoma 6 weeks ago. It was below freezing and the local weather reported wind gust of 50 mph. When I started into the restaurant for breakfast and the wind around the corner felt like it was cutting me in two, that's when I decided I didn't need it that much. Headed back to the house. The next day was much better. 31 degrees and only 30 mph, so I shot. :^)
  16. More rounds gives one more flexibility in how you run a stage. If Ruger brought out a 9-shot Super Redhawk in 327 Federal Mag (with fullmoon clips), I would have one very soon. I know it would only be legal in ICORE, but it would be fun. Every round counts.
  17. Not like I was in college...oh wait, you're talking about shooting. :^) I really couldn't tell you, I'm just trying to see the gun do the right stuff. Probably why I'm not GM.
  18. Wanted: Dead or Alive with Rutger Hauer. Released in 1987, they were ahead of the terrorism-in-America scenario. Plus, I always wanted a living-room where I could ride a motorcycle and target practice. And payback with a grenade in the mouth lends a certain "je ne sais quoi".
  19. Just thought I'd show you the tools I have used to do the cutting on a lathe. Keeps the cut perpendicular to the bore of the speed loader. The cross pin drives the speed loader piece. Just position a cut-off tool close to the cross pin and let her rip. Who knows if the part has changed over the years, but the L-frame is .625" in diameter and the K-frame is .575" when I made these.
  20. It depends on how much you shoot it. Just check the o-ring when you clean it. If it feels brittle or worn, I change it. Remove the barrel and the trigger assembly, and the charging handle. Then hold the "bolt carrier assembly" (or whatever the piece that slides over the magazine tube is called) in your left hand, reach in the bottom port with your right hand and depress the feed latch to let the bolt assembly slide forward out of the receiver. Or get somebody familiar with Remingtons to show you.
  21. After 32 years, I'd say yes it's time for a cleaning. :^) Lots of places have replacement O-rings. I bought a bag of 50 from Oringcity.com, but I doubt you'll need that many. :^) If you have a source for O-rings, its a AS568-021-090. Viton material will last longer with use, but Buna may be OK for occasional shooting and sitting in the safe.
  22. It's close to DeVry's campus and Native Wings and Fuddrucker's (nice hamburgers) and all the standard shopping-center fare (MetroCenter) including Tombstone Tactical (gun shop). So, plenty of people her age around. She may have a slog with traffic on I17, but it could be worse. :^) Good luck to her. If you are visiting there, you'll be closer to Ben Avery shooting facility and Phoenix Rod and Gun Club, so you should try to visit them all (including Rio).
  23. If it were my daughter, I would say she should pay a little more and drive a little longer by staying in Scottsdale (north and east of Synchrony's location). Disclaimer: Don't have a daughter , live in northwest Phoenix, usually shoot at the range at South Mountain (Phoenix Rod and Gun) at least once a week. Of course, if she likes adventure and has her CCW, then she can live wherever. :^) I've forwarded your request to a younger person who is very involved in the Phoenix Rod and Gun Club, hoping that he can provide some input with more perspective. He also has the resources to ask some female shooters for their opinions. At least, she has missed the worst of the heat for this year.
  24. Where is the work (if you don't mind me asking)?
  25. I bought one and put the Nordic components magazine on it using the Remington nut from Nordic. On Brownells, one buys the magazine and nut separately. Haven't seen any aftermarket charging handles for it (different from Rem 1100, 11-87). Also, no trigger kits yet. I made a ghost ring rear sight. Whittled on the shell latch a little to get better loading. The V3 has a button in front of the trigger guard to lock the shell carrier/lifter. Why Remington thought that was a good idea is anyone's guess. Anyway, I was always hitting it during reloads, so I ground it down. Not ready to give it a thumbs up yet, maybe when other parts become available.
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