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  1. Dean, Thanks to you and your crew and all the sponsors. Another great match this year! Cupcakes
  2. Beautiful, brilliant brass received. Thanks, Todd.
  3. Todd, I'd like to order 5000. Nate
  4. Another great match, Dean. This match is Cupcake endorsed. Thanks to the numerous sponsors, particularly Trijicon, for the support.
  5. Sierra Reloading Data Book (7th Edition) shows the following for 125g FMJ & JHP: Titegroup: 1000fps/3.7gr, 1059fps/3.9gr, 1100fps/4.2gr, 1150fps/4.4gr (max load).
  6. I sent ETS a note and just received replacement springs from them. Excellent customer support. Waiting to try them out...
  7. Yes, they are the 22 rounders. Thanks for the tip of the spring replacement.
  8. I don't like them. One of three I bought has a spring that failed - will not spring back and feed rounds. They "swell" when loaded and will not drop free. Two of the three will not lock the slide back when empty. Better mags are available.
  9. Welcome to the forum, jwalter. Get your vids posted on YouTube so I can see ways to improve!
  10. Thanks, Bushmeat. I'm not sponsored, but I do have a three year old Freedom Munitions T-shirt...
  11. You've got to love the RO's at this match. Watch the RO's reaction/motivation at 43-47 seconds in this vid...
  12. Great match, Howard! An excellent variety of shooting challenges and smoothly run with dedicated and professional RO's. Thank you, sponsors!
  13. 26.7gr CFE 223 with the 55gr Hornady FMJBT bullets. Averaging 2895fps out of an 18in barrel. Winchester 55gr should yield similar result.
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