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Pro Chrono Question

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Hello -

I have, what I hope isn't too silly a question, regarding my new CE Pro Chrono Digital unit. I have been through the instructions to no avail. Here is the issue: I've been working-up a new load for 9mm. So, I took it to the indoor range - with the IR lighting unit - and fire rounds through it @ 10'. Each shot registers on the display with no problems. Where I'm getting fouled-up is during the replay of the string. If I shoot a string of 10 rounds, only the first 3-4 are being displayed. Any insight as to what is happening?



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Hmmm.... On mine I just keep hitting review string and it scrolls through each shot then goes hi,low, avg,ES,SD.

I also don't keep old strings on the machine. I run a string, check it and delete string.

Maybe just pull the battery out and let it reset and see what happens.

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