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Polishing Firing Pin Block in Glocks & MPs, etc


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Hi Everybody,

I've read various instructions on how to polish the trigger components in the polymer pistols, but was wondering if any one has some suggestions on what to use to round the edges of the firing pin block on the Glock and M&P pistols. The trigger job instructions on Dan Burwell's site says to use a 3M polishing wheel, but does anybody know which one?


What I normally do is chuck the firing pin block into my cordless drill and then put some Flitz or other polishing compound on a rag and apply pressure to it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I suppose I could just use a scotch brite pad if necessary. Thanks.


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Warren Moore advised me to get an EX2 deburring wheel for light material removal and polishing jobs. It is perfect for things like this. It has been a good investment for all kinds of light metal working and is holding up very well.

The one in the PowerPoint you link to looks similar to what I have on my buffer.

They are available from enco or MSC direct.


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