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40 S&W major 180 plated help


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I'm trying to load some 180 grain Xtreme plated bullets to major. My friend has been using 4.1 grains of Bullseye with 180 grain moly coated lead and getting 170 PF. We both shoot Glock 35s and are both loading to 1.13 OAL. I tried 4.1 grains and was only getting 809 FPS. I loaded to 4.5 and got to 887 then to 4.7 to get to 902. I haven't seen any flattened primers yet but it looks like these Xtreme bullets are acting way more like jacketed bullets than lead which I was assuming I should load them like.

I'm shooting a gen 4 If that makes a difference.

What I would like is some advice on my situation, can I safely get this load to major, does anyone have any experience with this combination? I just don't want to blow this gun up, or me either.

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Hi there!

While not loading for major, I'll share some of my data:

Sig P226

1.125" Nominal length

Bullseye Powder

3.5 gn = 720 fps (Does't cycle the gun to slide lock with the stock recoil spring)

3.75gn = 760 fps (Cycles the gun fine.)

4.0 gn = 830 fps (This is my regular IDPA load)

4.25 gn = 860 fps

4.5 gn = 930 fps

Seems pretty linear up to this point.

I have not gone any higher because the 4.0 gn, 830 fps is well over minimum power factor.

I have had zero problems with well used brass and no flattened primers ever.

Good luck

Bob Flumere


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Well I loaded to 4.9 grains of Bullseye and got flowing primers. I'm going to try 231 since it is slower and see what velocity I can get with 5 grains.

If I could get some N320 I would try that but you know how things are right now trying to get components.

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