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SG For Daughter And I


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Looking for a good SG in that range or less. Daughter is 13 and will be shooting this in the next few years. More as she grows. She is already 5' 4", and growing. I am 6'4" and 212. I am not broad at the shoulders but my wingspan is 72" We have rifles, and pistols, now looking for a SG.

Was thinking of something reliable and soft shooting. Also are we allowed to wear something to mitigate the recoil during a match? Mind you I grew up hoisting a surplus bolt rifle as my first centerfire at her age and I can handle recoil, it's just that I prefer not to if I don't absolutely have to.

What do you guys recommend?

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Just my opinion, but I like gas operated systems like the Mossberg 930 or Remington Versamax, more than inertia operated like the Benelli. I feel they shoot smoother, but everyone will have their own preference. Your shooting birdshot and low recoil slug for multi-gun or 3gn, so recoil isn't really much of a factor anyway. Its nothing like an old military bolt gun you meantioned, those are just plain brutal. I seriously doubt you will need a shoulder pad to absorb recoil. A good limbsaver or decelerator recoil pad on the buttstock should be more than ample.

I think your biggest issue is going to be trying to share a shotgun. You will both need different length buttstocks, as your different heights. You will probably find trying to change buttstocks or shims during matches very impractical. I know the Benelli M4 super 90 has an optional adjustable buttstock, but it also might not be your best choice.

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