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CZ decocker being a PITA, decocks in single action...


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Gun is a CZ SP-01 Tactical. It belongs to a friend. He's put around 1500 rounds through it, trouble free. I tore it down to clean it and put it back together following the parts diagrams and what I remember from how it was when it was together.

But it's not working like it did. The gun will decock when the trigger is pulled in single action. Specifically, if I slap the trigger as fast as I can, the hammer will fall normally as it should. But anything less than that and it acts just like it does when the decocking lever is operated. I can, in effect, use the trigger as a decocking lever. It is a bit more complicated than this - if I pull the trigger all the way, it will revert to double action mode and the hammer will fall. I can take a video of it if anyone wants. I noticed the decocking lever also has a huge amount of play before it engages, much more than before I took it apart. But other than that the decocking lever operates as normal.

Is there some trick to reassembly that I missed? I am baffled. A search yielded me that this was a problem that occasionally comes up, but they were talking about parts wear (trigger bow and sear, specifically). I am having a hard time believing that's a case given that this is such a new gun, but I guess I could be wrong.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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Fixed it. The decocking lever spring wasn't actually getting behind the decocker, which as far as I can see is completely impossible without assembling the sear cage as one unit outside of the gun. The mainspring housing retention pin (I just made that up, no idea what it's actually called) works great as a slave pin for this... which I discovered after roughly 4 hours of fiddling.

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I'm glad you figured it out. There are some guns I feel comfortable taking down to bare parts but I took one look at the CZ diagram and decided that the CZ 75 was not going to be one of those guns for me.

Jesse, the internet is a wonderful place! Check this one out (Warning: a little fast!):

Nice detail on the sear cage:

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