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New Shooter in NOVA


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Just signed up for the Brian Enos Forum this morning! Looks like a good place to learn! I'm new to the Arlington, VA area and am interested in finding and participating in a multi-gun competition for fun - any recommendations? I'm fairly experienced with an AR and pistol - need a LOT of work on the shotgun. I don't have thin skin, welcome feedback on training, training locations, match announcements/locations, or anything else constructive. Thanks for having me here and look forward to gleaning some good nuggets of knowledge!!!

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I think that its filled up, but Summit Point is having a 3-gun practice day this Saturday. Another Home town forum site has a list of all the VA competitions, essentially there is something every weekend with 1.5 hour drive.

There is a group of us that carpool to many of the events, PM me for additional info.

If your around May 19 and 20, some of the top USPSA shooters in the country are going to be at the VA/MD sectional match in Fredericksburg VA.

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finding someplace to shoot that doesn't involve a fight with traffic to get to!!!!

Your kidding right?

I have friends that moved out of Northen VA just because of the traffic.

We have a steel match the 2nd staturday of the the month at Black Creek near the Richmond airport. Its about 125 rounds 4 stages we start at 9 and are usually done by 1 in the afternoon. Send me a PM if you want more info.

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