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WST loads

Jody Waring

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Hi everyone, looking for some loads using WST in 9mm to be shot in a CZ Shadow. Looking for data for 124 and 147 gr bullets. Is this powder softer shooting than some of the other popular fast powders out there, namely Titegroup?

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WST I like it better than titegroup. Not smoky if you use lead bullets, with 124 lead I think you might want to be in 4.2~4.4 range search and double check load data.

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My current pet load for my Shadow is 4.4gr of WST under a 124gr MG JHP @ 1.085". Last I checked it's right around 130pf and has a very nice recoil impulse. I've been accused of cheating the gun runs so flat.

My Shadow requires me to load very short with the MG JHP because of the short chamber.

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I don't recommend WST in 9 mm with Jacketed bullets, however it works very well with Bayou Bullets, I shot 135gr Bayou's in my Shadow with 4.2gr of WST loaded 1.145. Bayou's won't gunk up your gun like black or lead bullets.

To reliably make 130pf with WST and a jacketed bullet 124gr CMJ MTG took 4.7gr of WST in 100+ temp, this is a pretty high pressure load, for comparision the load was 4.2gr of TiteGroup for the same pf.

IMHO the ultimate powder for 9 mm minor is N320, and you use 4.0gr for a start and load long as you can. Use a RN like MTG or Zero 124gr or 125gr. Search around for some more receipes with N320.

Imr 7625 also works well with 124gr RN jacketed bullets, I like it hot so I ran 4.8gr but 4.5 or so will get you a good minor again all my loads ar 1.145, just 005 longer than Winchester White Box.

FN bullets yes got to be short, but I don't use them.

I've run 147gr only with N320 but found I preferred the 135gr. Clays shoots softest of all but the accuracy was horrible. Don't go there unless you are very expiereced reloading again a bit on the high pressure side.

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