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Reduced power firing pin block spring


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If Henning offers a reduced power firing pin block spring, I missed it on his website. I noticed that CajunGunWorks lists one for the CZ, will this fit my Witness Match? I can't give up the firing pin block for IDPA as I understand the rules and I may carry it anyway.

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the force of the fpb must be overcome by the sear. the sear is moved by the trigger. reduce the FPB spring and reduce trigger pull.

True for the CZ sear design, but not for Tanfoglio's. (Or at least the Tanfoglio's with the 1 piece sear design. I've not yet seen the new sear design on the Stock III.)

With the Tanfoglio, when the gun is cocked, the FPB is put into the "blocked" position by the sear arm. (This is why previous posts have explained why the FPB on the Tanfoglio is pretty much useless.) When you pull the trigger, the sear arm moves downwards, letting the FPB go down and allowing the firing pin free movement when the hammer strikes. So instead of a reduced power FPB spring, wouldn't you want an extra power one, so that you'll have to use less pressure on the trigger to overcome the sear spring?

(Note that I would NOT recommend an extra power FPB spring. To me that really sets up the potential to have the gun fire without pulling the trigger.)

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