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  1. So, I'm thinking of competing again in USPSA after a long break involving nasty range politics and an even more nasty hand injury (separate events). My Limited rig is an old Tanfo Limited, works fine but I'm looking to just shoot production for simplicity's sake. I've shot production with my wife's M&P9, and its ok, but it never really fit my hand. Besides its hers. I don't have a production setup, so starting from scratch. While at the local fun store, I put a few poly framed 9's in my mits. The CZ p09 just felt wrong. Nothing felt really good, but the FN 509 was excellent. The HK vp
  2. What is the purpose of practical shooting? Everything and nothing. What is the purpose of ken-jitsu? Is it to wield the sword that kills, or the sword that saves? Are pistols so different than swords, or sticks, or bows. To define what you do, puts limitations upon it. To experience a thing is all one can do. Its all a path, keep walking.
  3. Zen was adopted by Buddhists early on, but is not Buddhist by nature. The word "zen" only means meditation, ie a Zen Buddhist is a meditative Buddhist. In the West we tend to oversimplify things, so we like to lump all spiritual or meditative ideas as religious. And that is partly right. Studies of people who have taken LSD show that people consider that experience a "spiritual" or "meditative" or "religious" experience. Early on, martial artists of all types were fighters. At the time all persons were religious, just as today. Then we see a shift to the arts meaning more, a path to self d
  4. Tagged to keep this on my profile page for update to follow. I'm not sure how this got into the 1911 forum, it was originally posted in the EAA/tanfoglio forum.
  5. I also shimmed out the trigger on my Limited, and it DOES make a HUGE difference on the feel of the trigger. I used a bronze washer that I sandwiched between the trigger and the frame. Took some time to get it in but totally worth it. I already have been messing around with the trigger!!
  6. My rear sight has not moved (much) since I locktited the elevation screw, but now I'm not confident in it. I like the sight picture of the Supersight and the stock fiber front sight, but I have the elevation way up to make it hit POA.
  7. Bishop Practical shooting league shot it yesterday. I got 4.68 sec for 6.1403 hit factor, no dropped points, shooting Limited with a gun I've had for a month. I ran it through the Classifier Calculator and thats a B level score. CRAP, I"M NOT A B SHOOTER!!!! But I tend to shine on classifiers that are short. I'm still unclassified for single stack and Limited. But my SS gun had so many problems that it was rare that I could make a reload without a jam, so my scores were alway REAL low. I can't go from U to C, can I?
  8. The Controls The Witness is a race gun, and is designed as such. The front and backstraps are checkered. The checkering is 21 lines per inch, and is comfortable yet provides great slip resistance. The high beavertail prevents any chance of hammer bite with even the highest of grips. The wood checkered grips provide a very positive grasp on the gun. Its heavy, it’s a real handful, but feels great in the hand. To me it feels better than a 2011. It’s well balanced with the full-length dust cover countering the all steel frame. Its balance point is directly under the trigger pin. The ambidextr
  9. As there is little info about the Witness Limited, I just had to try one out. I learned long ago that I prefer to test the underdog, to own something completely different than the rest of the herd. Well the Witness Limited is just that, different from the herd, at least in the US. In other parts of the world, it is a respected competition gun. But the poor job of the importer and factory have made the pistol an unknown quantity on this side of the pond. The EAA Witness Elite Limited available in a variety of calibers 9mm, 40S&W, .45acp, 10mm, and .38super. Depending on what you plan to do
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