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Just changed out mag springs


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I finally got around to swapping out my Grams mag springs in my 140 and 170 STI tubes. I ran them about 1 year. When I compared them to the new Grams springs I noticed my old ones were only about 1.5 inches shorter than new. The mags were not having any problems, I just changed them out as that seems to be conventional wisdom to change them every year.

At what point do you change springs?

Were mine worn out based on being compressed as little as they were?

Should I keep the old ones for any reason? I'm thinking of just pitching them once I verify all mags are 100% with new springs.

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I don't shoot enough to change them out every year. When they start gettig weaker, I strip some rounds out by hand and see how quickly the next bullet snaps up. If the next bullet doesn't snap into the lips, I change them.

I bought a couple of extra non-tuned mag tubes and use them with some older springs during practice. Even after they start to weaken, there seems to be a lot of life left.

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