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New 223 Recipe: Please Evaluate Results

bobby hated

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i was having problems cycling 4198 so after consulting my advisors (sterling white and jojo vidanes) i have decided to go with a new powder. i loaded 50 rds of three different loads and went to angeles. these are being shot from a bag rest (front and back) out of an 18" light contour JP upper with an eotech with magnification

these are the results of the 3 different loads.

i put 5 rds on two targets for each load for each set. so each picture depicts one load on the top two targets, another on the middle two targets and another on the bottom two targets. same load on top, middle and bottom targets in all 4 pictures.

first sets are from 25 yds, other 3 sets are from 100 yds.

please tell me which load you think has the best groups. please ignore outlyers. there was a draft of wind here and there as the day wore on. me and sterling agree but i'll wait to see what the internet authorities say before i tell which me and sterling agreed on.

posted this on another forum but the hoopleheads on there are a bit less sophisticated shooters than i find on here so i decided to post it here.

thank you much!

25 yds


100 yds


100 yds


100 yds


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