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Sons real interest


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My 14 year old son has been shooting for a few years and would come to a couple of matches each year. Over the winter he started to dry fire regularly with me and get some pretty impressive results. I kept harping "hey, you gotta see it before you pull the trigger". Well, we shot two classifier matches this weekend and boy the first shots seemed fast, but sure enough the hits were there. If the calculator is accurate he will move from D class firmly into the middle of B class. I got home late last night and he was waiting to dry fire. Our people are really motivated by success. Afterward, I signed him up for the advanced pistol class Mike Seeklander will teach here in Missoula this summer. He will be surprised. We have always been close and done things togethger but shooting is my passion and it is great to have him with me. We are not the most athletic people so though we play and enjoy sports, shooting has been a great motivation for working out to get faster and better. He is very interested in my limited guns but will shoot his G 34 for the rest of the year. We will build/buy him a limited platform over the winter.

Shooting teaches so much; how to be a gracious winner, how to accept failure, that work is the reward. I feel blessed that I can have not only my son learn with me but that he fits in with my shooting partner with ease. God is good.

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Count yourself among the very fortunate to have a shared interest with your son. :cheers:

I really didn't have any with my dad and as a stupid young kid, I didn't see the value in developing any. This is one of the very few regrets I have in my life.

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