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  1. I've been waiting for some vv forever but then heard that graf's was the main importer of it. Put 8 lbs of it on back order in December and received it in February
  2. they are the best I bought a square deal used 20 years ago and the have have refurbed it twice for nothing
  3. pistol arrived today new slide nothing else but that's all I needed anyway........ awesome service!
  4. should arrive Friday the 13th hee hee
  5. it cracked where the dust hood ends. it went up over the slide almost half way I called them today to make sure they received it and the nice lady said it was already fixed and I should be receiving it soon
  6. well they sent me a pre-paid label to ship it back and said they will look at it so far so good
  7. I'll call them the first of the week I really like this gun kinda bummed it's my only1911
  8. I'll give it a shot but I read the warranty and it says it is only good for the original purchaser. if they don't maybe they'll give me a good price
  9. Hello I just discovered the slide has cracked on my springfield armory stainless loaded. I don't know the round count as I bought it used I have run 10k through it where do you guys buy your slides? does anybody have a used stainless slide they would like to sell? thanks
  10. very nice! my 15-22 is my favorite 22 super reliable for steel challenge
  11. Josey Wales,the character john wayne played in true grit,the guy bruce willis played in last man standing,and chris farley for a good laugh.
  12. looks good... dropping a deuce on that toilet must be a challenge though.
  13. I run a holster. I use the same holster that came with my xdm 5.25 for my buckmark it is a pretty loose but holds it fine....I'm not doing jumping jacks with it though.
  14. the prp kit is what I have and it is a nice upgrade for those tight shots. the stroke is shorter and easier to go fast
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