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Hornady 9MM RN + Power Pistol?


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I bought my 550 on Saturday and yesterday spent a few hours figuring out and setting it up. Done everything but the powder setup.

I am amazed at how little choice there is around Mesa, AZ as far as powder and bullets. All the stores I visited (I should have got what I needed from the Dillon store!) had all the calibers you can think of, except the most popular stuff, which seems to be 9mm 115gr JHP. They sure had all sorts of other calibers...

Anyway, I ended up getting some Hornady 9mm 115gr RN bullets with Power Pistol powder.

What recipe do you advise as far as powder gr and OAL?

Also where do you guys order bullets, powder and primers?

Thanks a bunch!

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What's your goal? Are you looking for plinking rounds? Making match bullets for a certain discipline? Looking at Major/Minor power factor? etc., etc.,...

Practical shooting and shooting drills. So obviously not defensive stuff, just enough to push steel targets down and cycle my GP6.

Sorry for not saying that earlier.


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I use and like 6.0gr P/P at 1.100 col. This load shoots really well out my Sigs. I have never crono'ed it, but others have and it seems to give 1100-1150 fps. 5.5gr was a little light but did cycle the guns (Sig P6, P226 & Glock 19) the 6.0 load is snappier and shoots accurately.

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I tested with charges from 5.5 and 6.5. I liked 6.1 the best, but 5.5 did make my GP6 cycle with no issue. I am sure 5.0 would have also worked.

PP is loud and indeed makes a nice blast. I am thinking using it at night, with lead bullets :)

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