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  1. mjmagee67

    CZ p10 F for IPSC/USPSA?

    Is it available in the wild?
  2. Simple answer...YES.
  3. I have no issues with the value of USPSA. Everytime I shoot a match I giggle at the cheap fun it is..... As far as Practiscore goes. It's really a fantastic tool. I'd definitely but the maker a beer or two and a steak if he wanted. I hope he gets enough compensation for it. BUT if Practiscore pulled the trigger, I'd be fine with paper and an Excell spread sheet. I wouldn't want to but I would.
  4. mjmagee67

    Acme "new" 124gn 9mm: OAL?

    In my 51 years on this planet I have come to the conclusion that it takes less energy and time to do a job correctly than doing a job halfassed. Load your test rounds do a plunk test. Find the longest round that will plunk and spin. Then subtract .008 inch and your done. Quite literally it's only 5 minutes worth of work. That's a crap ton less work than loading a few 100 rounds driving to the range to find out they don't work correctly, driving back home and tearing the bad rounds apart. Then reloading another few 100 and maybe repeating the process..... Just a thought.
  5. mjmagee67

    Help with Acme HI TEK Coated 9mm 147 Gr. FP-NLG

    Yep looks right to me too. If I had a dollar for every round I have reloaded that looks like that I'd have 35,000 dollars sitting around...……..
  6. mjmagee67

    Stock II 147gr N320?

    So here is my reloading data from the last several years. All using VV N320 and coated bullets. The bullets were manufactured by either Leather Head/Gallant or Acme. I've found that Leather Head/Gallant and Acme are pretty much interchangeable, I believe they use the same molds. All loads where using mixed brass and Federal SPP (either match or standard). 124gr 3.8gr N320 COL 1.115ish, Av Vel 1046, SD 12.4, PF 130.8 135gr 3.5gr N320 COL 1.115ish, Av Vel 988.9, SD 9.1, PF 132.5 147gr 3.4gr N320 COL 1.120ish, Av Vel 892, SD 9.6, PF 131.1 I have found in my guns that the 124gr and 135gr shoot the same as far as group size at 25 years the 147 seem to open up a bit. All three will hold an A-zone pretty easily at 25 yards if I do my part. I went with the 135gr, they are a happy medium...….. On a side note everyone of these loads has been chrono'ed at LII or LIII matches and they reinforced my data..... As with all things in life YMMV......good luck.
  7. It really depends on your gun. If I shot a Glock I would never use 10 round Glock mags. getting that last round in the mag is a pain. I shoot Tanfo's and came from CZ's on both those brands the 10 round mags are really easy to load. So I use 10 round mags for matches. I have different color base pads on them. In practice I use my 17 round'ers. It just simplifies things. The 10 round'ers are match only so they don't get used as much and I can't over load them. I have been known to use a 17 round mag with 11 in it for the start, but that is stage dependent. On most stages you just don't need that 11th round. If my opening position is 3 to 4 paper targets I see no reason for 11 rounds. Now if I open up on 5 steels and 2 paper targets, I would probably Barney up....
  8. mjmagee67

    Rolling 1911s into Production.

    Why don't you just stay in your class and leave the others alone. I have never understood why people whine constantly about other classes they don't shoot. It's like they are hurt by the other classes.
  9. mjmagee67

    Miss or equipment failure

  10. mjmagee67

    Miss or equipment failure

    The side of the wall is both the wall and the support for the wall........
  11. mjmagee67

    USPSA App

    Works great on my Android phone. It has some very cool features. I like the Classifier Calculator and the fact the rules and classifier set-ups and WSB are right there.
  12. mjmagee67

    2018 Stock 2 Grips

    I'm thinkin small frame v large frame.....but every single time I think I get in trouble with the wife.
  13. mjmagee67

    Rolling 1911s into Production.

    Several years ago I would be inclined to agree with you, when scoring was paper based. BUT now with computer based match scoring (Practiscore) it's a non-issue. Once programed in to the software it is just a drop down menu and the computer/software does the rest.
  14. mjmagee67

    Rolling 1911s into Production.

    I have never understood why people think they need to crap all over other divisions. Exactly how does it hurt you to have several divisions with low turn out? Who cares if there are only a few revolver shooters, or L10? Does the low turn out hurt you? NO it doesn't...so shut up, shoot your loved division and let other people have options. Some people shoot for fun with no asperations to be the next hero gaymer I'm 50 and really enjoy production. But every once in a while I like to drag out my 1911, or revolver, or drag out my Limited gun and win my class in my sectional having not shot the gun in months. Are you worried that other classes slow the match down? Last time I shot Revolver I finished mid pack, literally 41st out of 80.....I don't think I slowed the match down one bit. You all shoot what you want and let others shoot what they want. Stop trying to tinker with crap.....if you don't like it start your own shooting organization and make your own rules.
  15. At the 2017 National my buddy's Production gun was too far away from his inner belt. He was told to fix it, by the guys at the Chrono. The Chrono was the second to the last stage of the day, he was told if he couldn't fix it that day have it fixed by the next. We fixed it right away...but they weren't all balled up about it and there was no talk about a bump to open...