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  1. mjmagee67

    Rolling 1911s into Production.

    Why don't you just stay in your class and leave the others alone. I have never understood why people whine constantly about other classes they don't shoot. It's like they are hurt by the other classes.
  2. mjmagee67

    Miss or equipment failure

  3. mjmagee67

    Miss or equipment failure

    The side of the wall is both the wall and the support for the wall........
  4. mjmagee67

    USPSA App

    Works great on my Android phone. It has some very cool features. I like the Classifier Calculator and the fact the rules and classifier set-ups and WSB are right there.
  5. mjmagee67

    2018 Stock 2 Grips

    I'm thinkin small frame v large frame.....but every single time I think I get in trouble with the wife.
  6. mjmagee67

    Rolling 1911s into Production.

    Several years ago I would be inclined to agree with you, when scoring was paper based. BUT now with computer based match scoring (Practiscore) it's a non-issue. Once programed in to the software it is just a drop down menu and the computer/software does the rest.
  7. mjmagee67

    Rolling 1911s into Production.

    I have never understood why people think they need to crap all over other divisions. Exactly how does it hurt you to have several divisions with low turn out? Who cares if there are only a few revolver shooters, or L10? Does the low turn out hurt you? NO it doesn't...so shut up, shoot your loved division and let other people have options. Some people shoot for fun with no asperations to be the next hero gaymer I'm 50 and really enjoy production. But every once in a while I like to drag out my 1911, or revolver, or drag out my Limited gun and win my class in my sectional having not shot the gun in months. Are you worried that other classes slow the match down? Last time I shot Revolver I finished mid pack, literally 41st out of 80.....I don't think I slowed the match down one bit. You all shoot what you want and let others shoot what they want. Stop trying to tinker with crap.....if you don't like it start your own shooting organization and make your own rules.
  8. At the 2017 National my buddy's Production gun was too far away from his inner belt. He was told to fix it, by the guys at the Chrono. The Chrono was the second to the last stage of the day, he was told if he couldn't fix it that day have it fixed by the next. We fixed it right away...but they weren't all balled up about it and there was no talk about a bump to open...
  9. mjmagee67

    Dry fire on SA

    Funny I just wrap electrical tape around the hammer and beave.....Can't feel the tape when I ram the beave into the webbing between my thumb and booger hook. It's easy to remove, cheap, and doesn't leave any smutch on the beave.
  10. mjmagee67

    Stock 2 Safety's

    I like the stock safety and put my thump on top...One gun has both the other is single sided. Don't really notice a difference while actually shooting.
  11. mjmagee67

    stock 2 and 124 blue bullet issues

    I would guess new...I purchased 500 last month and already shot them.
  12. mjmagee67

    stock 2 and 124 blue bullet issues

    FWIW I had to load the 124gr Acme's to 1.115 ish. Same as Leatherhead/Galliant. 1.120 was the very max.
  13. mjmagee67

    Stock 2 Production Holster?

    This....I got a RHT for my 1911, the gun fit like crap. I tried a heat gun and everything. The Bladetech and Ghost work much better....I even got a 50% cert for RHT and probably won't ever use it....
  14. mjmagee67

    Do you like the new Production rules?

    This is a good thing for better or worse. First there are so many different parts for gun that look basically factory that the old rules package was becoming unenforceable. Every RO and CRO would have to spend hours learning all the legal parts it's just not feasible. Second, it brings other manufacturers into the sport with sponsorship money for both people and matches. Third, it gives people more options to customize their gun to fit them. Now it you have small hands you can use a aftermarket short reach trigger. As long as it functions the same as the factory trigger. Forth, it's just not going to drive the cost of Production up that much. We all spend a butt ton on money on our Production guns.
  15. mjmagee67

    A questions about CZ rami

    I use a RAMI in 9mm that I use for CCW. I didn't do anything to it. My first 10 shots from about 20 yards all landed in the A-zone. I just didn't feel the need to modify it.