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6.8 mags

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I've got a new upper on its way and I'm shopping for 6.8 magazines but there are so many mixed reviews. Sounds like you get way you pay for, c-product, acs D&H they seem to be the cheapest but also have the most problems.

So which brand to get? anyone have an opinion?


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I carried both the PRI and the Barret's for 5 years. The Barret's were my personal favorite because they function great and carry more rounds. They are heavier and more expensive. I had problems with the PRI mags when they first came out, but they changed the design to the waffle and that cured it. Can't go wrong with either one of those IMHO. No time with any of the other ones.


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Just used PRI mags this weekend on my Bison 6.8, worked fine. I put 4 rounds in a .223 mag and they fed fine too. Nice upper, 3/4" at 100 yds with Remington factory 115 gr ammo. Rang a USPSA classic-style steel target regualarly at 500 yds from mono-pod prone. I have a C-Products steel and it fed 4 just fine, but haven't tried a full mag, fast, from either.

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