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building an open gun

g mac

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Hello, I'm thinking of building an open gun using my current STI 2011 gun, which is currently a .40 cal. I already have a 9mm slide fitted to this 2011 frame. Is is hard to fit a new .38 super barrel? I'm thinking of the STI trubor with the built-in compensator. What is short-chambered mean? Is it hard to ream the barrel? I have moderate gunsmithing skills. Thanks in advance!

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If you don't know what short-chambered means, or you do not understand the difficulty level of reaming a barrel, I'd suggest you find a good gunsmith. Send him your parts and some money. You should get something back that works. For an Open gun intended for 9mm major, contact John Larson, jplprecision.com. He knows how to put together a 9mm major about as good as anyone.

I have about zero gunsmithing skills. JPL has done plenty of work for me and it's always right.

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0.355 (bullet diameter) barrels come short chambered. It means that the chamber is not long enough to chamber a 9mm round. They do this because the same barrel can be used for 9mm, 38 Super, 38 Super comp, and 9x23.

Chamber reaming is the easiest part of the barrel fit. I do it last. The barrel hood needs to be fit to the slide as well as the front of the barrel where it fits into the slide. Once you get the barrel to go into lock, The feet can then be cut.

For the longest time, I didn't fit my own barrels. I watched my gunsmith do it a bunch before I attempted it.

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