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  1. yes. Sig Sauer replaced his barrel with a new one after he sent it to them.
  2. you can ream the barrel for deeper chamber so that the case is fully supported
  3. i got a STI 9mm 1911 spartan that didn’t give me any problems, non-ramped barrel.
  4. as much as possible, wear double ear protection, you’ll be thankful when you get older....notice all the older shooters say “huh?!” a lot? LOL
  5. shoot whatever you like...shooting guys don’t really mind/care what you are shooting as long as you are cool, and safe. most of all, have fun!
  6. 7.5 grns ram shot silhouette... 124 grs Montana gold or blue bullet...1.155-1.165" oal
  7. Use RN profile bullets, semi-auto likes round nose bullets from my experiences...and check your bullet over all length. could be your magazine too.
  8. Get a used gun (not abused, but realiable)...see if any local fellow shooters will let you borrow and try their limited guns, and see if you like a particular gun, setup, etc.
  9. Maybe you are prepping your trigger (like on a 2-stage trigger system)?.....and yup, dry fire, and learn how your trigger behaves and trigger control. As you may already know, the lighter the trigger, the more sensitive it is.
  10. In Hawaii, we have 10rd pistol mag max limit. We shoot divisions with 10rds mags, no choice....we are getting good with mag changes?
  11. You could probably lower your load to 3.0grs TG with that OAL and still be way over minor. I use 1.145-1.150 oal n still makes 131PF
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