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Burris Tac 30 1-4 x 24 versus Burris MTAC 30


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Trying to decide which rifle scope to purchase for 3 gun. I thought that the Burris fullfield MTac 30 was the best bang for the buck but now I see that Midway has an inclusive in a Burris fullfield Tac 30 1-4 x 24. I currently have a micro dot from Primary Arms that I am very happy with for close range but need magnification for shots 100 yards and further.........

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I have used both. I will say the MTac is a much better scope. The illumination setting is a lot easier to use. And its just a lot sturdier scope. If I had the opportunity to get a higher price scope at the same price, I would probably go with the MTac. It is quite nice and worth the extra money versus the Tac30

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The main differences from what I have read is:

1. The on/off selector. On the Tac30, it is a push button which you have to push several times to get to the illumination needed. The MTAC has a dial: OFF-1-OFF-2-OFF-3.........so you can set it on the 7 setting if desired and click on time either direction to turn it off.

2. To go from 1x to 4x, the Tac30's whole body turns whereas the MTAC has a ring that turns.

3. The Tac30 turns off automatically after a while but the MTAC has to be turned off manually.

I went with the MTAC.

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