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Pushing the N340 to max potential


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I did some testing with 200 gr XTP .40 load and was not satisfied. since i have loads of VV N340, i planned to produce a new load with it and slowly push it to the maximum PF it is capable of, ideally over 205 PF or about 1150 fps while still within safe pressure limits. of course I thought 1150 fps w/ n340 would be over the charts at standard OAL, but i might get closer to it with a longer OAL. i determined 1.155 as the longest load that would feed reliably w/ 180 gr sierra sports masters in my gun (USP40). So i did some testing from 6.0 grains up and expected pressure signs to occur at about 6.5 (6.1 being the max load at 1.126" in VV 2001 guide). then, i exeeded 7.1 which is the max load for n340 for 180 gr .357 mag! at 7.4 still no pressure signs! 7.8 and cratered primers started to show, 7.9 and there was some, but minimal primer flow. i decided to go back by .5 grains and began to mass produce the 7.4 grain load. chronoed it and the average velocity is 1137 fps! SD of 2 fps for 20 rds! and it's really accurate! (the 7.8 load clocked @ 1156 fps) now, i know this ain't 3n38, but .5 back from where i saw the pressure signs starting. i have a lot of these loads now. anyone who would like to comment or caution me on this? on how it might store or perform after long storage, or might catastrophically fail someday for some reasons i dont percieve now? i tested at around 84 Fahrenheit, mid day in the tropics. Bnew armscor precision brass, CCI primers. 7.4 n340, OAL 1.155", Ave. 1137fps. sierra 180 gr sports masters.

BTW, for some strange reason i produced cracked Bnew brass with what is supposedly minimum published loads w/ N340 (5.4gr, OAL 1.126), this did not occur with any of the 7.0-7.9 loads.

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i dont have the funds for that :o

Blazer, I can sympothize. Everyone here is great, but being frugal is not their strong suit.

It was a tongue in cheek reply.


Pat, I realize that. I don't think any of us would blink at the opportunity to have another gun or reloading setup. I'm just trying to help support someone new to the forum. Its easy to get sticker shock when you see how much we spend on our guns, ammo, and gear.

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I wouldn't worry about time. Once loaded your pressure should not change because of time. You worked up a load in a specific pistol and then backed off a little for safety. Your load should be just as safe in a few years as it is now, in THAT pistol.


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oh!!! so it's handgun specific!? you really learn lot from here!! one of my men with a forty was asking if he could have some... i was about to give him!!

Its one thing sharing reloads when you're well within normal practices. Its a completely different matter when you are on the edge of what is safe.

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