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Terminal and default root setting log in


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I've been clicking Terminal to death and still can't find a way to do what I want.

When I lauch Terminal, it automatically tries to log me into the old server's IP address (as root). I can get into root for the new server from the New Remote Connection selection, but it takes several clicks and a little typing and is a PITA in general to get in that way.

I cannot figure out how to make Terminal automatically bring up a root log in to the new server's IP when I launch Terminal.

In Terminal's prefs, I updated every setting I could find with the new server's IP address, but now when I launch Terminal, the top of the window (bar, maybe) has the new IP address, but the address to log in to in the window itself is still the old IP address.

If log in to the new server with the New Remote Connection selection, then select Use Settings as Default, when close that window and open a new window, ti still tries to log me in to the old server.


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Hey Brian - Try this:

- New Remote Connection

- Log into your new server

- With the new server window still open: Shell->Export Settings

- Give it a name, note where it's about to save the settings and press save.

- Navigate to the directory where you just exported the settings and click on the .terminal file you created.

- That should bring up the login to the new server. NOW select Shell ->Use Settings as Default

Close terminal and open it up again. Hopefully it logs you into the new server.

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I think if you're in terminal banging out unix commands, at that point you're WAY outside the purview of the "it just works" apple philosophy.

:D But it's the getting there that I was whining about.

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