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Been shooting since I was 5 and now heading over the 50 mark. Rifle, shotgun, and pistol. Looking into 3 Gun competition and just started reloading my own ammo with my new Dillon 650. Were having fun now. Met some cool guys out at my local 3 Gun competition range. Just learning the ropes looks like it's going to be a blast :) Live in Southern Ca. were the weather is sweet most of the time. Looking for new shooting buddies too.

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Welcome to the forum! There are 3 3-Gun matches held every month. The second Sunday of the month is at Pala, The third Sunday is at Piru and 4th Saturday is at West End. West End also has an "action pistol" match that will include a stage or two of shotgun.

If you want to do just pistol matches, there are USPSA matches every Saturday at Norco, first Sunday at Prado and 4th Sunday at SWPL. There are also 2 USPSA matches a month at Pala.

That should get you started ;)



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