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338 lapua


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Any recommendations for a 338 Lapua rifle and scope combo. Would be used for long range "social work".

I've got a 50 BMG but its too much for my everyday purposes. Have 308 and 300 mag long range rifles and

would like to replace the 300 with a 338 Lapua. Have shot the Sako TRG42, Savage, Blazer. Any other suggestions

and also scope suggestions.



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I have some data that will put your 300 out to 1600 + if you want it. A 208 AMAX will do it for a lot cheaper than a .338. About $1.20 a shot if you have brass to start with.

You may ask a mod to move this to precision rifle where you will get more answers.

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AI makes a great rifle, but expensive. GA Precision does great work, but lead last time I talked to them was 6-8 months. I'm kinda partial to GA Precision. I used to have the Sako TRG-42 and it is a great rifle. For scopes Night Force, Hensodlt, Schmidt & Bender, and US Optics are all outstanding scopes.

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