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My first video...


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Hey guys,

My first time shooting an open gun. I've shot league nights here for about 2 months now, so I'm still very new to this... just went to open from a Glock!

Any comments from this admittedly bad video would be very much appreciated!

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Looks pretty solid, I only see few things I want to discuss.

After the beep you run back behind, draw then re-adjust your shooting position (quite a bit) before you start shooting. What I find that helps me when I have to move to a shooting position that I can't immediately see the targets, I will look for a place on ground where my final step and placement will be at. You'll need to practice this in your walk through, but you want to focus on where you want your feet and the position of your body to be to be able to engage all the targets in that position, it might "feel" slower but I promise you its faster than trying to re-adjust after you drawn while searching for a target.

First reload was a bit odd, I'm not sure the reason you moved the pistol from the center of your body to your strong shoulder, was it because the magazine didn't fully eject and you were trying to use a raise movement to get it out of the gun? or were you avoiding the right wall as you went in?

In your third position, you go strong side knee on the ground. It does look like a very low port so I'm not 100% sure, but would it be possible to just stay on the flats of you feet and kneel lower? while going to one knee isn't bad, it’s also slower to get back up compared to just getting lower with both feet flat, but again this depends on how low that port was to the targets.

Other than that, you’re moving with a purpose and your staying low with knees bent when you shoot. looks great.

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not bad at all for your first runs with an open gun. A few things work your grip dont get lazy with it. Youw iwll be amazed at how much less dot movment you will get with a better grip. I can see your getting a good bit of flip out of the gun. Maybe you need to do some more load development.

try to run the gun as fast as you can see the dot recover to target.

enter a shooting position solid insted of entering then adjusting before you start shooting. If you miss your mark try to adjust and shoot at them same time. looks pretty good though for just starting with the gun.

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