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M&P mag question?

jeremy kemlo

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I have an M&P pro, and since I live in "commie"fornia I have 10rd mags. Like everyone else it is a pain to load the 10th round. With the one round in the chamber it also makes seating a full mag difficult. I have seen the mod where you shorten the legs on the follower. I have done that and it helps a lot. I recently purchased 5 10rd mags here on the classifieds. These were the older style 10rd mags with the shorter followers(the ones with the forked legs). After modifying my original mags they load almost as easy as the older style mags.

So now to the point of my question. After the modification of the new mags will there be any difference in reliability between the old style and the new modified mags. The overall height of both followers is now the same but if you look closely there are other subtle differences. The sides/legs of the new mags are straight. The front side/leg on the older style follower starts straight and then slants in. Also the older style on the top where the bullet rests tapers in at the back of the follower. Just wondering if any one has had problems with either or are both totally/equally reliable?

One more thing - the new mags have a flat black finish. The old ones have a shiny black finish. Is this just cosmetic or is one a better quality metal than the other? I know this may all seem a little trivial, but this is what happens in CA on the rare days it rains and I am sitting at home looking at my gun instead of out shooting it. I start piddling around and looking at little things that I might not have otherwise noticed. :-)

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