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Trijicon on G27?

Utah Shooter

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So Trijicon sights are better?

I personally prefer Trijicons and spec'ed them on my department's guns.

In reduced or no light, the dots on the Trijicons are bright but small & sharp. This is because Trijicon has a proprietary method for building their sights. See their website for details, but it involves sapphire lenses, etc. Meprolights, Glocks, and others simply seal the tritium vial into its recess with a big ol' dab of epoxy. That epoxy, although transparent, diffuses light a bit and makes the dots fuzzy.

So, what does all this mean? If you have good eyes, Trijicons might be for you. If you have worse eyesight (or simply PREFER big fuzzy dots), then the Glocks or Meprolights might just be the ticket....

Now Trijicons are not ALL "bunnies and rainbows". Because there are more parts, there are more parts subject to failure. Out of approximately 250 G-22s/G-22Cs/G-35s that we've owned, I have seen three or four front sights where the sapphire lens fell out and the tritium vial followed soon thereafter. I've never seen that on an epoxy-sealed sight.

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