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I've always wanted to shoot IDPA/USPSA for a long time now, but still haven't had time. I intend to make this happen this spring. I have done lots of shooting at indoor ranges, enough to have to stop shooting/reloading for a few months due to high lead in my blood. Who knew that would happen, but I'm all better now. Anyway, glad to have joined the forum and I look forward to learning a ton from the experienced members lurking around here.

Thanks in advance for answering all my (stupid?) questions, or telling me to use simply SEARCH more often. Time to get back and continue looking at all the stickies and tips for my common newbie questions (what holster do I want, what loads should I use, blah blah blah...).

Now, if there was a legal and non-enlisted way to combine my most favorites things (skydiving and shooting) life would be even more awesome.

Take care and keep it safe!



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