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yes I did

They are making difference for Shadow and for TS at 9/40SW

explanations about this specific system:


ratings for springs:

the long one is F= mg=KX

m= mass that is used to squize the spring

g=10 ( earth constant)

K- is the constant of spring that we need to find out

X - is the distance traveled by the spring during the influence of m ( mass)

So the long spring is standing for 0.7Kg per 10mm


the short spring standing for 0.9kg per 10mm - so the short spring is heavier


Hope that helps

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Not trying to be a Smarta$$, but I wonder if you would notice such a difference if a better grip was had on the gun? The video makes it appear as though the only hand holding the gun is your trigger/right hand. Your left hand doesn't appear to be doing much? Maybe it's just the angle of the video?

Thanks for posting the video though, it was informative

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I had one. I sold it. It is not because it doesn't work (for me) but im shooting minor PF. with CZs, 147gr is soft enough already. Add this, and the softness is negligible (for me). Slight difference to felt recoil. There is a buffer system that will kick-in dampening the recoil for that last inch when the slide is traveling rearward.

It can be a good thing (for recoil) or a bad thing (for ejection). The slide needs to go all the way back for the brass to hit the ejector. And if it will be slowed down by this recoil system you'll have a problem. I experienced it so YMMV depending on your set-up. Major PF should have no problem.

I was gonna keep it as a spare but the price is 3x more than a traditional SS guide rod, so I sold it.

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