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Okeechobee Shooting Sports - South FL

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I shoot at least 3 matches out there a month (IDPA and 3-Gun). I have not heard anything definitive about USPSA quite yet. I know they have plans, but I do not believe anything is set in stone.

I just sent an email to Deanna out at the range to confirm/deny anything that has been heard. She's pretty good about quick response, but I believe she may be out of the office on vacation. If anything, I will take a ride out there tomorrow (I live about 15 minutes away) and find out for you. Either way, I'll post something as soon as I find out.

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Deanna got back to me and said while there are plans to get USPSA matches going at OK Shooting Sports, but it's not happening yet.

So for the near future it's still going to be IDPA and 3-Gun.

Speaking of which, if you haven't shot 3-Gun under Soldier of Fortune rules, you should come out. It is a blast. Richard Hadad runs a great match that really get you out of your comfort zone.

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I have spent many days at Okeechobee shooting flyers. That is my favorite shooting sport by far. The next time they have a flyers shoot go over and watch. Very tough and expensive sport but a bunch of fun and worth every dime. Big time awards. LOL


Will see how it goes. Still getting used to the longer drive time to go shoot.

Trying to get up there for the SEPSA or SAPSA January match.

Happy New Year!!!


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