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Warne Ramp and BUIS Question

Blue Jacket

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Just got my Stag 3G (I am replacing my A4 carbine with this for 3 gun)and am using a Warne Ramp mount on it. I have always had a BUIS on the Carbine(though it had a Larue and Folding front sight).

I thought about sticking my ARMS BUIS on the Ramp and purchasing a Dueck Defense Rapid Transition Front Sight. Has anyone done this? If so how did it work?

My other option is to buy 30mm rings for my Larue mount, mount the BUIS under the scope and get a fold down front sight.

I don't know that I really need to do this, but I think it would give me peace of mind at least this gives me something if the scope should fail. Or should I just chuck the BUIS altogether?

Also, from what I understand this type of set up is still allowed in tactical. Any advice from the more experienced shooters would be appreciated. Thanks

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Putting an ARMS in the rear on a Warne RAMP and a Dueck Front will not work. They are not in the same plane.

As far as the second idea of running a set of BUIS.....no need. If your scope breaks the stage is over.

FWIW some swear by offset irons some don't. YMMV

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