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50gr HP in 1:7,7


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I have had great success with Hornady 52 gr. match bullets from my 18 inch 1:7 Noveske SPR barrel. I can get them up to 3200 with sub MOA accuracy. You need to watch the bullet construction though. I watched some 40 gr. Hornday V-MAX spin themselves apart when they were pushed too fast from a 1:7. You could watch the jacket strike the ground in a spiral pattern approximately 20-50 ft from the muzzle while the lead core tumbled downrange. It was pretty cool to see.

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I don’t know if this is true but I have heard that HP bullets tend to shoot better than many FMJ bullets. The reason is supposed to be a more uniform base. There are not that many cartridges to chose form around here and this is the only medium prized HP round that I could find.

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