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2 Powders, 2 POI


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Could someone help me with this issue I'm having. I bought some Ramshot competition to try. I loaded some that would make 131PF and then I loaded some of my usual HP-38 load both using 200gr LSWC's. The problem is the rounds using Ramshot are a good 2" low POI. The HP-38 loads are on the money as usual. This is at 14 - 15yds. I know most would say just use HP-38 but I would really like to know why ramshot is shooting low since it really does shoot nice. Thanks

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Anytime you change anything, the point of impact can change, sometimes its a lot, sometimes not, but its not predictable, you have to try them to see what happens.

Different brand of bullet, even though its the same weight, will probably impact in a different spot, different powder? Same thing. Sometimes even changing the brand of primer can cause a change!

I was playing with some different bullets on one of my rifles last week, 15 grain lighter bullets, you would expect a change in the elevation, instead I got an impact about 4" LEFT of the heavier bullet, you just don't know till you try something.l

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