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Burley Idaho

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My brother lives in Burley Id. I am looking for some one to help him get started in uspsa. He has the gear,,,,mine. I just need someone local to help him along. Let me know who is out there.


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According to the USPSA website there aren't any clubs within 90 miles. I did find a club in Idaho Falls which is appoximately 125 miles from Burley. Here's the contact information:

Tim Egan

Idaho Falls, ID 83402

Phone: (208) 390-9863

Email: eedetail@qwestoffice.net

Club Contact: Tim Egan

Hope your brother doesn't mind traveling! I'm sure if there are any closer clubs some of the BE members will respond.

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I shot with some people this weekend from Pocatello. it's a little closer.. probably just not a USPSA affiliated club

We do not have a USPSA club in Pocatello. Idaho Falls is the closest club to this area.

We are having a 3-gun shoot on Saturday, 9/17. This is not a formal, high level competition one. Just a bunch of us who get together to have fun shooting. Cost is $5 to shoot. We start at 11 AM.

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