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Wish me luck.

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My 650, casefeeder and other goodies came in today. Im going to pick everything up tomorrow and will commence setup. Any final words of wisdom before I start? Im already planning on a little (ok, a lot) of frustration. Ive got a few youtube set up videos saved and think they will be a big help.

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I'm not the sharpest pencil in the box but I used the enclosed setup manual and took my time doing the setup, and almost everything went smoothly. I had to bend the case ejection wire a little to allow the 9mm completed rounds to drop off the shellplate. That being said; I looked at youtube videos by ULTIMATE RELOADER (Gavin Gear) and if you haven't watched his videos I strongly suggest you do. He is a super communicator and easily understood. I think his site is www.ultimatereloader.com and there are several to digest. You are going to do fine.

Navy Corpsman;


P.S. Congratulations!!!

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Forgot to mention, spend a few minutes getting the machine level, I used a few fender washers under the strong mount, it will run smoother. Put a little grease on the plastic cams once your ready to operate the machine.

Made a good choice. Only problem with mine is I wish I had bought it sooner.

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So I've got 10 boxes, 3 assorted parts bags, manuals, warranty cards, 5k primers and a puncture wound ( stupid box staples :surprise: ) I going to dive into this Friday. By that time Ill have the bench clean and clear and everything organized. Im impressed with the detail of the manual that comes with the press. Im sure Ill encounter some problems along the way, but nothing a little patience cant handle. Ill report back when I get everything ready to go.

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Everything is setup and running well. Ran my first 50 rnds through the gun without issue. It seems about 1 out of every 20 or so rounds wont fit the case gauge. It seems the issue is the bottom of the cause is still to large. Possibly because the sizing die not running down far enough. MY POA/POI seems a tad shifted, but will fire from the bench tomorrow just to confirm. Load is listed below.

180gr Berry plated

4.5gr Titegroup

Winchester primers

OAL- 1.155

The first 30 rounds I only loaded to 4.2gr just as a feeler. Once I get to a chrono I will be able to tune in a little better based on what PF i find Im running. Thanks for all the info fellas. Im sure I will have plenty more questions along the way, but atleast I know I can find the right answers here!


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