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Magazine Follower Question


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I have a G20 10mm and a EFK Fire dragon 40 S&W conversion barrel. The gun won't run properly unless I load jacketed or plated bullets to 10mm length where it runs well. Is there a follower for another magazine that I could use in my 10mm mags which would seat the cartridges about enough further forward that it could cycle standard length 40 S&W cartridges??

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If I had it to do again I would have gotten a KKM or Storm Lake barrel as this barrel was a disaster form the start about 5 years ago. When I got it the wrong barrel was in the package. I tried to return it to the big Glock parts distributor in Florida where I purchased it but they have a "no returns for any reason" policy and sent me to the manufacturer. So I sent it there. They agreed they had put the wrong barrel in the package and would replace it in two or three months when they made some more 10mm to 40 S&W conversion barrels. This was a normal length barrel and I thought a compensated barrel might be cool. They had those in stock and would send me one once I sent them a money order for the $15.00 price difference plus $5.00 shipping!! I was not happy but did it anyway - needless to say I would not recommend their barrels or company. The problem with this barrel is it is a copy of the 10mm barrel with a 40 S&W chamber. I believe in order for it to feed correctly the feed ramp needs to be designed to reflect the fact that the model 20 was designed for a longer cartridge and the feed ramp dimensions need to accomidate this difference. Loading plated bullets long works well but I like to shoot cast bullets which causes some problems as the throat is tight and would need to be reamed. I don't want to do that so I have used a counter sink bit to elongate a Lee 175gr TL mold by about .14". It now casts at 195gr and feeds well. I doubt there is a follower I will find for a different magazine that will fit and will work but am open to suggestions as I don't know much about Glock magazines for various models.

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