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Milling of slide for sights (production div)


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So I'm looking at Appendix D4 for rules on milling the slide, and it states "a slide may be modified specifically for the purpose of installing sights, and for no other purpose."

I'm looking to send an XD to Bowie Tactical Concepts to have them remove the rear sight, install a Leupold Deltapoint, and then mill a new dove tail in front of the Deltapoint to re-install the rear sight. Essentially a co-witness for a pistol. Examples can been seen in the pictures section of bowietacticalconcepts.com

What I am unsure about, if I remove the Deltapoint and put the optional cover on, making the gun an iron sight only gun, would it still be legal for Production division? The slide was milled only for the puropse of installing sights, and if anything, the shorter sight radius would put me at a disadvatage vs. competitive advantage.

Without getting into the why I want to do this....... I'm just looking for an official ruling on if it would be Production legal. Thanks for the help from those in the know!

PS- Pictures of the co-witness set up as well as the cover for when the MRD is removed are both available in the pictures section of the BTC website.

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Sometimes we ask questions and get answers we may not want. I'd say float it by Amidon. It could be considered to be slide lightening, since you have removed material and are not putting a sight into it per Production specific guidelines.

Those modifications are for Production division itself, not for if you are using the same gun in multiple divisions (my opinion).

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