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Fiber Optics for Browning Hi-Power


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I'm not sure if anyone makes a drop in set, but you can make your original front sight into a fiber optic sight pretty easy. If you have access to a mill and/or a gunsmith willing to do it, it's not a very difficult job. The sight is drilled straight through for the fiber and the top is notched to let in light. The fiber optic pieces are avail from several sources. If you look into that, just prepare carefully as to what size hole you drill.

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I want to switch out the factory sights on my Browning Hi-Power MK III with fiber optics sights.

Does anyone have a suggestion as to who has them and who can install them?

I believe any gunsmith can put fiber optics on a BHP.

My local gunsmith did it (four times - the fiber kept

blowing off, and then the entire front sight blew off

in a match 300 miles from home:(

Good luck,


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I called Dawson Precision about it a while back and they said they could make one of their fiber optic sights to fit the Browning Hi Power dovetail cut.

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