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Young Mfg Super Light bolt carrier

Kevin Holman

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I ordered one of these new super-lights from young manufacturing for my 3gun rig.

I just built the rifle, on a WOA 18 rifle gas barrel, rifle buffer tube. When I built it - it was failing to always strip the first round from the mag when released from the bolt release, so I ordered a Wolff Extra Power spring to ensure that doesnt happen again.

Then - my new bolt carrier showed up. So I figured why not go all the way... and remove a weight from the rifle length buffer to lighten it and replace with internal spacers.

I honestly did not think this combination would run.... the super light Young carrier, a lightened buffer, and a extra power spring.

Much to my surprise, it ran like clockwork. Empty mags locked back every time on both my short range (M193) and long range (handloaded 75 BTHP).

Recoil was noticibly less than running with full mass carrier and buffer, and the cyclic rate was very fast and sharp. Still I can see why you really need to tune the gas system down to really make the difference noticeable. My barrel must be significantly overgassed to run such a light buffer/carrier combination with such a heavy spring. That was surprising to me.

Anyway, I was happy with this new super light carrier. It did what it was supposed to do.

One thing about mine - it was VERY rough when it was recieved. It would lock up going in the upper receiver. I found two burrs on the carrier right on the end of the contact surface with the upper sides of the receiver. It looks like it just missed a little necessary deburr before it was hard chromed. After one range session, those burrs wore into the upper reciever, however, and now it is quite smooth.



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I got a really good deal on an SLC BCG, so I installed it in my 16" JP upper to try to approximate the JP LMOS system.

Young's SLC is a little heavier than JP's LMOS. I switched to a rifle-length extension, took an old rifle buffer and removed weights until it was a tad heavier than JP's LMOS buffer. I retuned my JP adj gas block, switched to a Titan brake, and my rifle shoots really nice now. It's not as soft and flat as my buddy's full on 18" JP CTR02 LMOS upper but close enough that I can resist the urge to buy a new JP upper for a little while longer! :)

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