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  1. Michael64

    HK P7 near Philly

    The wife has a P7 PSP that she shoots the crap out of. However, she doesnt like to carry it cause of its weight. Her carry weapon is a 9mm Shield.
  2. So anyone had any dealings with 3 Gun Gear out of Scottsdale, AZ? Didnt see them as one of the vendors here but need to ask.
  3. So where can I get replacement SLP barrel o rings?
  4. Sorry, misspoke. Its a standard fullsize 9mm with the 4.25" barrel.
  5. What will having the piston sealed do? It will remove the spring breakage issue with these pistons. Most of the springs inside the piston tend to break at some point, usually like when mine did it was in the middle of a match stage. I had an extra piston with me so I could continue, but blew the stage. Went to single fire. One of the benefits to the sealing, is you can shoot most any load out of it instead of having to change the piston from light to heavy. In my SX3 I shoot everything from the cheapie Wally World Winchester and Federal loads and the very light Remington Gun Club shells to high brass slugs, buck, and heavy hunting loads. When you look inside the piston you don't see the spring anymore just a metal covering. Hard to explain, but it works. Zero failures in many many rounds. Cheap too, if I remember around $50 with shipping. Also turnaround is fast, within 2 weeks including shipping. If you have 2 piston, I don't think it matters which one you send. Just one more way to make a great gun more reliable. Good investment. gerritm Does it increase the wear on the shotgun when using high brass heavy loads compared to using the regular heavy piston?
  6. What will having the piston sealed do?
  7. I run the light piston for most loads other than heavy magnums and 3" shells. Then I go with tne heavy piston.
  8. Noticed that some rear sights from some aftermarket companies are now making the rear sight notch a U instead of the traditional square notch. Why are people prefering this over the traditional square notch??
  9. I have shot a number of different pistols over the years, and the pistols with the better triggers I have always been able to shoot better groups with compared to the ones that didnt have as good a trigger.
  10. So what exactly does it mean when someone says that "have to drive the front sigjt"?
  11. Safariland USED TO source the shellholders from CCW and they said CCW on them [082], but very recently [this year's Shot show, I think] Safariland changed the design to be more like the Progressive Machine shellholders [085]. I don't know if they are still being made by CCW, but there are definately 2 designs, and old which is identical to CCW, and a new, that is not. Old style [082]: http://www.safariland.com/DutyGear/product.aspx?pid=082 New style [085, crummy pic] http://www.safariland.com/DutyGear/product.aspx?pid=085 Those two are definitely not the same thing.
  12. So just finished installing the Apex DCAEK kit and the RAM. Took longer than it should have only because I got ahead of myself and started reassembling without installing the slide lock mechanism. However, regardless of my hast which simply slowed me down, everything went in without any issue what so ever. Now from just dry-firing all I can say is WOW! The grittyfeel and creep of the trigger is gone and the release is so much more distinct than before. Cant wait to get to the range and give her a try. Thanks to Randy for bring us a fine aftermarket set of parts that reaaly improve the M&P line.
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