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I found this forum while doing some research on 3-gun matches. I've been shooting for pretty much my whole life (more from a plinking and hunting side) and realized I have almost everything I need once my AR comes in. It looks like a lot of fun and I can't wait to attend my first match. I'm located in Houston and i am going to go and watch my first match on the 11th hosted by West Houston IDPA.

I look forward to meeting everyone on the board and learning more about this exciting sport.

Justin Z

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Welcome Justin!

I shoot the 3-gun match out at The Impactzone most of the time. Bob always puts on a fun match. While that is the only monthly 3-gun match in the Houston area, there are quite a few pistol matches around town. There are also a few guys who drive from Houston to Austin for the monthly Texas Multigun matches to get their fix.

Look forward to see you at the range!

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Hey Justin welcome to the forum. 3Gun is definitely an addictive hobby as you will soon learn. Recently ordered a new pistol from the guys at Champion Firearms in College Station and in talking with Roger he was telling me about their matches. Good luck and will be following you on the forum.

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