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To PC or Not PC


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I just love this forum and have gained a lot of valuable information - thanks to all. I shoot IDPA revolver primarily (SSR and some ESR). But, I have been thinking about purchasing a PC 627 eight-shot revolver (non-comp) to try USPSA. I am a retiree, so I have to be a little careful where I invest my "gun money." Still, I have given this a lot of thought over the past three months (shoulder surgery on your strong side will do that). Life is short, so maybe I should give this a try?

Anyway, I am seeking opinions on the PC 627, feel of the action vs. a six-shot 686, long-term durability, etc. I would greatly appreciate anyone's opinion on this model.

Thanks much.

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I have seen a lot of new PC and non PC revolvers. Judging from personal experience, the only thing you get with a PC revo is a cool looking barrel. The actions on the PC guns I've seen are not any better than regular ones. Unless you really want the PC barrel style, buy a non PC gun and spend the extra money for a Mike Carmoney action job. You will be far ahead for about the same money.

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I don't think a 627 will be a good investment for USPSA. An 8-shot revolver can only shoot 6 and then must reload. But you can make major with a 357/38 and heavy bullets. A 625 would be a better investment if you want to shoot USPSA. Plus if you decide USPSA Revolver is not for you, a 625 will always sell. If you want to shoot minor, then the 6-shot 686 will be just fine.

But on the PC side, I agree with Toolguy. Buy a base gun and send it to Mike Carmoney or send him your 686 to slick up.

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I agree with the preceding comments but consider this.....

An 8 shot 627 in 38 Super. It has removable comp.


Remove the COmp

Load it with 8 and only fire 6 and it's in Revolver.

Load it with 8 and fire 8 and it's in L10, Production and Limited. I haven't tried to enter Single Stack yet.

Add Comp and it's in Open

Add the comp and it's great for steel and falling plates

I just set up to for Walls of Steel (in RI) and checkout PSA shootout in PA. Here's a link to pictures of the guns and me trying to shoot them.

Oh yes and don't forget shooting Zombies.

There expensive but great fun. And the 38 Super can be downloaded to 130 pf and up to a read snappy load (that's a technical term). Check the loading tables. Real close to a 357 Mag with 130 grain bullets.

You'll need moon clips and that's of course more costs.

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