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Soooooooooo! A few of us from are local club decided to drive down the freeway to help show support for the town next to us that was opening a new range,and USPSA.Its great another place to shoot.To make a long story longer.JK!!! On one of the stages you had to start with the gun on the table unloaded.There were 2 targets on the left,and 2 on the right.You engage them from BEHIND THE TABLE !!!! then run through a door,and engage the other targets.Well this seemed to be a challenge for my under developed brain.It was one of the best stages I shot!Then I heard the RO my so called FREIND !!!! say 4 procedurals.Well I have been practicing shooting on the move alot,and I have been married for 24 years,so I dont listen so well when being orderd around.It seems I forgot to stand behind the table,and shoot the targets then go forward.Mental note!Go through the stage in your head.Get a mental picture.Then say ready.

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4 procedurals may bewrong unless the WSB also specified only one shot each or you only fired one shot each.

It's either 1 procedural for a WSB violation or if you gained a significant advantage it would be one per shot most likely 8, I guess a case could be made for a procedural per each target engaged but that isnt the way any other fault is scored, If somebody toe steps a half inch over the line and a guy shoots 3 targets I would only score that as one procedural.

Not really a great stage it violates the freestyle concept, Yes I know about the level one exemption allows a particular location to be specified in the WSB, but lots of way to build a stage without it. COulda been as simple as adding a noshoot to make the targets not really visible from in front of the table.

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