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  1. johnny1gun

    p320 feed issue

    I was having feeding problems with extreme flat points in my 1911 .45acp.
  2. What the hell! I don't even know how I got it in this forum. Lol!
  3. What the hell! I don't even know how I got it in this forum. Lol!
  4. I have a M&P sport. I'm new to AR's. I want set this up for 3G and home defense. I'm looking for the poor man's version. I'm going to get a Rolling Thunder Comp. I Think. Not sure what buffer system would be best. Just want to get the recoil down best I can. Will probably change the trigger as well. Won't be shooting a ton of three gun witch is why I'm going this route. I've shot a lot of USPSA. And will stay with that as my main sport. If I get into 3G more serious then I'll get a strait competition AR. Would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks.
  5. If you have shot USPSA matches on staff day you know what to expect. I know a lot of the guys that were working the match. There were f-ing tired after shooting all day Friday, then chasing around everyone with a little timer thingy Saturday and Sunday. Try it sometime and see how you feel. To all the staff, Brian and Ken great job. I shot last year and this year on staff day. It was great! Again! But I think I will do Sat. & Sun. next year. I was damn tired when I left,and then got stuck in stupid traffic on the way home. Thanks again to all you volunteers. With out you we have no match.
  6. I also use a silicone rag for this.
  7. After shooting it I'm going to stick with the one that came with the Trophy Match. Its fit is damn near perfect. Great shooter. Changed the springs and after the C&S trigger was put in it breaks right at 21/2 pounds. VZ operator OIl and Dawson magwell and front fo sight to finish it off. Its near perfect. I think I will replace rear sight. Dident do a great job rounding the corners. It bothers me.
  8. MikeRush. I saw the thread you started. It was a few years back. So you have gone back to the bigger radius? No gains from installing the square with the 1/16 radius. My gunsmith was against it when I first mentioned it. But I'm curious by nature. Just cat stop looking to improve the 1911. Always trying to learn more.
  9. Im putting all solid bar stock parts on. This is the once in a lifetime gun for me. Right now. lol! I'm going to buy Wilson bullet proof parts,already put some on. The last 3 things I need are ejector, extractor, and firing pin stop. Might replace all the pins with EGW or Wilson. But its getting the works. I just cant figure out if the square bottom stop is worth putting on for competition or not.
  10. Is this something that works well for competition? I thought you wanted the slide to move faster. Doesn't this slow it down. Or is it that big of a plus to have. Want to add one , but only if its going to help that much more. Wide love to hear from people on both sides. Thanks
  11. If you can afford the electronic Hear Pros I highly recommend them. I won a pair at Double Tap last year and love them. The passive ones work great also. Ill never where head gear again. Hear Pros customer service is awesome.
  12. I usually don't engage myself in these conversations, its like talking Religion,Music,or politics. What's a better truck Ford no Chevy. I have to say its an imperfect world and the time spent trying to fix it for the complainers is a waist of time They will always find something wrong. I know Im one of them.LOL!! There will be people that will disagree with this post. But I cant control that. That being said I hate the fact that In IDPA there is no foul line for cover, instead I either hear cover,COVER!!! Or I just get the penalty. And the only thing is a toe sticking out. If the person shooting at me can hit my big toe. Then Ill be dead before this is a issue. Please put cover foul lines in and there will be a lot less arguing. Then a shooter will know where he needs to be and so will the S.O. In USPSA I have complaints with them to. Im not going to take up the time to explain them. I like shooting both games for different reasons. I will leave it to other people to decide my fate for the way Im going to play these games. When it gets to the point I no longer enjoy the games because of the rule changes. I will find some other game to shoot. Witch it sounds like some are doing. Right now I love the people, and the 2 games to much to leave either. YOU ONLY GET ONE CHANCE AT LIFE! WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO WITH IT?
  13. I have done that. Called Apex they are sending a new striker block. If it doesn't work then back to the old Apex comp kit. Great customer serv ice which is why I love them guys.
  14. Did you ever find anything on those sights from Dawson or Warren. Very interested to know.
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