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Need help with left pull


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I am having a problem with how the gun tracks in recoil. After successive shots the gun seems to pull left. I have figured out that it is the squeezing of my left hand squishing my right hand that pulls the front sight left. I have tried to increase the grip pressure of my right hand to remedy the problem (50:50 pressure) but it still seems to be occurring although not as badly.

This problem is really keeping me from speeding up my stage times because I cannot break shots closely together without the second shot going 6 or so inches left. If anyone has had a similar issue I would be really interested in how they modified their grip to remedy it.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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First things first.. which way your gun recoils has very little influence on where your next shot will hit. If you allow the gun to recoil and watch as your sights lift then settle back down and pick up your sight picture again and press the trigger you can hit whatever your aiming at. Now, if you think you are muscling the gun with your support hand, dont change the percentage of grip pressure in your support versus strong hand, but rather try gripping the gun lighter but keep the 60/40 pressure. I would also ask, are you shooting double taps (two shots with one sight picture)? Think of your shots as a controlled pair, I bet if you do so, your second shots will start hitting where you are aimed. Good Luck

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A couple grip posts I've made in other threads might help get you going in the right direction.

I was working with a fairly new shooter once, and watching him re-grip every shot. So I told him to, for the next string, be aware of whether he was gripping harder with his left hand or his right hand. And then tell me the answer after he was done shooting. And wouldn't you know it, he immediately started shooting without re-gripping at all.

Up to that moment, I'd never tried that experiment on anyone. So it was a cool lesson for me as well as him. Without knowing that he had a problem, what the problem was, or even trying to fix the problem, the problem fixed itself. Simply by placing his complete attention in the correct area.


A nuetral grip will allow the front sight to return to exactly from where it left, with any reasonable grip pressure. Nuetral defined negatively: no front to back, back to front, or side to side grip pressure with either hand. Defined positively: Just grip the pistol with and equal amount of pressure from both hands.

Remember and summon the "total both hands grip feeling" as one feeling.

Test for grip nuetrality: Align the sights, close your eyes and fire the shot, then open your eyes and note the sight alignment.

If the sights are not perfectly aligned, without making any conscious effort to change any part of your grip, re-grip the pistol and repeat the drill.

Often the best way to learn a new skill is not to try to "figure it out" like we normally would. Instead, clearly state the goal. In this case, "The sights will return to perfect alignment after the shot fires."

Removing distracting influences, such as visual or by trying to mentally direct your gripping pressures - will allow your body to work it out.

The skills you can master by totally surrendering to that process and allowing your body to work things out can be mind blowing.


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Thanks for the suggestions. I do acquire a sight picture with each shot, but it is like the gun is rotating in my hands. I think I may have to play with decreasing my grip pressure on both hands, I think I really need to do a weekend class with someone that can visually confirm what is happening.

Any suggetsions for classes in the phila/PA area would be appreciated.

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