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  1. In your walk-through, I believe you would have to start out making the mental decision to pull the trigger faster on the targets you can afford to. Call your shots and let the sights dictate your cadence of fire.. many times we wait until the sight settles before pulling the trigger instead of pulling the trigger the instant to sights are on target.
  2. In regards to CHA-LEE's comments,, if it makes him feel better about himself, so be it..
  3. Jake many shooters can grip hard when they first grab their pistol, but have a hard time maintaining this amount of pressure throughout a course of fire. What advice can you give in regards to this? Thanks
  4. What kind of gun are you shooting? The ability of the bullet to plunk and spin has a lot to do with the barrel and the bullet. If your shooting a CZ and the barrel has not been reamed, you will have to load shorter. You also have to take into account the ogive of each bullet. Comparing a factory round that has a completely different bullet profile is useless. My duty round, WIn Ranger 127 +P+ measure 1.11 COL. Anyway, I load the BBI 125 at 1.10 and they feed and cycle fine.
  5. I've heard good things about Hodgdon's CFE Pistol powder,, Ill be loading some 125 BBI bullets with it and was wondering if anyone is using it.
  6. 5% above PF is always a good rule to follow.. For me I like to stay in the 130-135 range..
  7. If you're right eye dominant, I don't think you can consciously use your left eye when both are open. You might think you are. The only way to tell would be to close your right eye when shooting and see if your results are the same. When your shooting with both eyes open, your eyes will naturally adjust and focus and this should not be something you have to physically concentrate on. I agree with uewpew that you are probably left eye dominant.
  8. If you can reload a Tanfo well, you can reload anything...
  9. Yes, if I found what I was looking for I would not have posed the question!!!
  10. When gripping a pistol, we have all heard 60-40 strong/weak hand pressure,, or grip as hard as you can with the weak or support hand. I have also seen others say apply pressure into the grip as if you were crushing walnuts with your palms. Last, I recently read apply pressure front to back with the strong hand and into the side of grip with the support hand. My question is do any of you guys consciously apply pressure inward towards the grip? What works for you?
  11. I wouldn't watch videos of Max reloading an open gun if you're shooting production.. totally different.. Instead watch Stoeger, or Vogel.. I like Jake's advice on ensuring the position of the mag in your hand when retrieving it.. Things that work for me are setting a par time in dry fire and really pushing myself to make or beat the time.. What I find is the more I do it, the more I male the time. Usually when I make a conscious effort to see the mag well, I tend to have clean, smooth reloads..
  12. The CZ has become popular for many reasons, one being it can be shot in SSP and USPSA Production. For me, the ergonomics are excellent and once the trigger is tuned, its by far the best DA/SA trigger out there. The gun is more accurate than the plastic fantastic and the price is right..
  13. Dry Fire every day... Grip the gun hard... Realize that speed will only come if you practice outside your comfort zone..
  14. Its gunna take discipline more than any drill will help you.. Shoot your next match with the intent of calling every shot.. Take that extra little bit of time to let the sights settle and call you shots.
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