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Sinkholes in the front yard


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I hate sinkholes in the front yard caused by the contractor(s) burying trees and building materials back in 1999.

What sucks is that I am the second owner of the property, and I am going to pony up approximately 6k to 7k to dig it out and refill. I know that there isn't any way to go after the builder (probably out of business). :angry2:

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BUILDERS SUCK. I was stuck with a county tax bill the builder didn't pay. 18 month's after I bought the house, I sold it. I signed a piece of paper stating any unpaid taxes were my responsibility. 8 month's after I sold the house the fella I sold the house to called up and said his escrow was hit for $5200. Should have been my bill. $1800 was the builder's responsibility. Did I mention Clark county took over 2 years to assess taxes. Hell, I bellied up and payed the bill, I'm responsible. Called the builder and told him his portion was $1800. He wouldn't pay. Only fitting the housing market wiped the scum bag out. I throw him stinky chicken bones when I pass by his new home, the interstate underpass.

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