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My Limited M&P 40 Pro Series - Thanks Speed Shooter Specialties


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Looks good, I have the same stuff for mine. I think I get 20rds in all of my mags now, if you only get 16 or 17 the follower may be catching where the mag meets the extension. Just round the edge a little where it catches and it'll be fine. It's probably just due to variances in factory mag dimensions. Other than that, you should be ready to go whip up on some $2500 guns! jk, jk.

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$40 dollar difference - enough to cover one of the base pads and then some - big enough difference for me - I'm a D class shooter - I'm not gonna tell the difference - I had a Dawson on my Glock before I sold it and can't tell really a difference b/w the two magwells but I know this one is smaller

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i use the steel on my idpa guns and the brass mag well on my limited gun, it is about twice as deep and makes a large funnel, much bigger than the dawson ice.

just remember it is your gun and it does look good. and if are happy then it is all good.

in this section there a thread called my limited project. give it a look.

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