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Anyone ever used this cast bullet for 9mm?


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Hi all,

Looking to find out if anyone may have tried this bullet for use in the 9mm. I currently use it for my .38 Special and works great with speedloaders. Drops around 148grs. out of the mold. I can size them at .356 up to .358 and use Carnauba Red lube. Looking to maximize the use of this bullet for my revolver and auto needs. Waiting for my aftermarket Glock barrel to arrive and will load with Solo 1000 147gr. data and work it up slowly. Any comments welcome.

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I think another member here has, he will probably pop up. I have not used that particular bullet but I have used the 158 RNFP bullet from the Lee moulds in 9mm. The only issue I could see with that particular bullet is the length. If you have to seat it too deep to get it to function (mag length or ogive hitting the lead of the barrel) then you are taking up the capacity for the powder.

Neal in AZ

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Great bullets! Load them at whatever OAL you can in your chamber and start around 2.4gr with the SOLO. Soft accurate load, but watch the primers and don't push the PF too high, as in over 135-140....

Go slow and enjoy!

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